PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Jabalpur
Basic Electronics Lab

  • Electronic kits for basic level experiments in electronics
  • Power electronics kits:experiments related to power electronics

Microwave Radiation Labs

  • LPKF Prototype Machine
  • Microwave test benches
  • Mic kits and accessories
  • Antennas
  • Field Fox Spectrum Analyzers
  • DSO
  • Vector networ analyzer
  • RF Power meter

Computational Electromagnetics Lab

  • Simulation and design tools
  • CST Microwave studio:for comprehensive Electromageitc,Microwave and antenna design
  • MATLAB,LABView kits + software: for professional lab
  • High end workstations+30 desktop computers

Communication Engineering Lab

  • Trainer kits for analog and digital communication
  • Satellite communication
  • wireless communication
  • Fiber optic communication

Signal Processing Lab

  • DSP kits for signal processing

Power & Control Lab

  • 3 Non-Linear Tank Conical water level system
  • 4 Linear Tank Cylindrical water level system
  • Mobile robot for path planning
  • AC servo position control system
  • Process control simulator
  • DC position servo trainer
  • DC motor drive
  • Lead Lag Network
  • Frequency Response analysis of Lead Lag Network
  • Relay Control System

Nano Electronics and VLSI Lab

  • Semiconductor characterization system
  • Cadence,Synopsis,Silvaco and TCAD:for advanced semiconductor devices modelling and design.